• Hyp: organic fert increases tomato yield
  • Decide if you want to keep hyp or change
  • Design study to test hyp.

Hypothesis: inorganic fertilizer will produce a large tomato yield than with organic chicken manure or just the base soil.

Definition of terms:

Organic has two broad meanings. We chose it to mean that the fertilizer is certified USDA organic.

  • Yield:

Choose an appropriate growing period for the species of tomato used.

List of variables we control:

  • Environment (water, sunlight, temperature)
    • All in one greenhouse, plants of each trial interpolated.
  • Base soil (use a standard organic potting soil)

We will have three groups:

  • Group 1 is planted in the base soil with miracle grow chemical fertilizer
  • Group 2 is planted in the base soil with organic chicken manure as fertilizer
  • Group 3 is planted in the base soil alone

  • 2 gallon pots

    • 1 lb of chicken manure per pot
    • miracle grow administered according to product directions