Details for setting up a top-tier vehicle-mounted LTE router with antennas. Author: Nicholas Moore <>


Chat log

Nick • Feb 16, 1:35 PM: omg dude this is so cool!!! my router just bonded, for the first time ever, LTE bands 4 & 5, thats 850mhz and 1700mhz, it made a virtual 15mhz LTE network and i'm in a spot where there is very spotty reception the towers are very obscured by the geology of the area, can't see the towers at all

Eric: what does it mean that it bonded?

Nick: It's like LACP for cell towers, two data streams from two different towers bonded as a single stream for increased throughput

Eric: You're not allowed to use acronyms in definitions.😛

Nick: Lol Yeah my vocabulary isn't large enough to explain it lol

Eric: So it bonded together two weak channels? What made it do that now? Did you just set it up?

Nick: The latest deployment of LTE includes this function and my newest router supports it but yes, bonds two weak changes to form a stronger channel, 15 miles from the closest tower and I got 6mbps and 33ms of latency, tested against my old router 0.5mbps and unusable latency

Eric: Did you have to do anything to set it up or did it just automatically do that? Also, could you send me equipment links for your setup?

Nick: automatically sure!

Eric: You have a roof-mounted antenna and an LTE router right? And does it have wifi in the same unit?

Nick: check your email, yeah it has 2 outdoor omni directional antennas, supports 698Mhz - 2700Mhz i believe

Eric: oh so no pointing needed

Nick: it took me a year of searching to find an LTE router that supports 2x2 MIMO with Carrier Aggregation

Eric: gimme! 😀

Nick: exactly, directional would work better when you're on the fringe of cell coverage oh and best part is, 12v supported and it draws less than 5 watts super low power its basically an OpenWRT router with a USB LTE Modem i've actually thought about reselling my connection for like $1 for 2 hours using a second SSID lol on average i believe i could support 10 clients fastest i've been able to speedtest was 80mbps oh, one las piece i have is an outdoor high power access point, PoE injector supports 12v so no inverter needed to power it covers between a half mile sometimes a mile

Eric: That sounds like an awesome setup. I think for now I'll just use my phone for data, and once I feel the need maybe i'll order a similar setup. $450 is a bit.. but then, it's worth it to be able to get reliable internet in more remote places. Maybe start with just one antenna? I guess you need both for the bonding.

Nick: u need both for MIMO but bonding can be done with one

Eric: This is super valuable info. Would you mind if I add it to PPDXHub wiki? Maybe you could take a few minutes to flesh out the text/add a couple of pictures too, if you want... Credit entirely to you of course!

Nick: thanks dude, yeah i can try to put together a write up with a little more detail also, any carrier's "unlimited" plan will work just fine, they QoS your packets to a lower priority once you go over you cap but they have no idea what your router isn't a phone, the data doesn't count as "tethering" data but its just data so even if you go with net10 or one of those that do not support tethering, it doesn't matter because the router is treated as a phone

Email ask for the att plan. router

2* SureCall Wide Band Omni-Directional 50x2126; Outdoor Antenna with N-Female Connector - White

2* SMA Male to N Male - Radio to Antenna Coax Extension Cable (15 ft)