see also Linux on Laptops


Registry of CF-T2 machines I maintain:

  • ?alpha (Laura's)
  • ?beta (Tim's)
  • ?gamma (Eric's)

Hardware mods

Using 5V hds with a t2

T2 drives have 3.3V logic and 5V motors. You can modify a standard PATA notebook drive to work with a T2 by clipping 2 pins. Try to find as low-power drive as possible (I used a 500mA drive).

1.25 GB Memory

Search ebay for "1GB cf-t2 memory". These are 3rd-party chips, which allow these systems to be upgraded beyond 768MB. I purchased mine from "mem-store" for $80 (a premium, I know. I will re-use the chip in another unit when this one dies)

Linux OS tweaks

Apply the following tweaks from Linux on Laptops:

  • Disable lid switch
  • Disable Pulseaudio
  • Touchscreen Calibration