Unixy stuff in MacOSX usually frustrating. This page should help.

Unix software on osx

  • I use MacPorts, closely related to DarwinPorts, and in the same spirit as FreeBSD's ports system
    • Downloads the tarball, patches for platform, and builds native packages automatically.
    • Can build OSX-native distribution archives (DMG files containing .pkg or .mpkg files including all dependencies)
  • Another alternative is Fink, a dpkg/apt-get oriented system, with prebuild binaries. This I haven't tried, are others using this with success?
  • Both systems require Apple's X11.app to run GUI apps, available on your install media or from Apple's download service.

Running services on OSX

Filesystem support

  • One word: FUSE (Filesystem In UserSpace)
    • Developed for Linux, ported to OSX as MacFuse by some Google alums
    • SSHFS support
    • NTFS-3g (write support for NTFS)
    • ext2/3 (haven't tested yet, will report back shortly)

Virtual Machines

  • VMWare Fusion
  • VirtualBox (supports VMWare image formats, free and opensource)

Useful Applications

  • Tomboy desktop notes (part of the Gnome environment on Linux) is supported natively on OS X
    • Idea: store notes centrally, keep checked out on all platforms
    • Only use for desktop-related tasks and as a staging area for main web-wiki

Backing up via time machine to a Linux host