Our config repo

  • Local config (nodes, etc) is stored in a single git repository.
  • Reusable modules (locally maintained and 3rd-party) are included as git submodules. See riseup
    • Modules from different sources can be used, as long as they don't interact.
    • Modules must support Debian
    • Modules should be as dependency-free as possible (most of riseup's modules depend on monit. way to make this a soft dep?)

Running puppet locally

 sudo puppet -v /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp

Reference Docs

Module Repositories

Module Status/Wishlist

Name Status Source Notes
common need camptocamp think we need this
nginx need review
cherokee need write our own
ruby-gems need puzzle (centos) rcrowly (src install, maybe adapt)
rails need recipe may be merged with gems
web-app need riseup wp, puzzle for setting up generic PHP apps
apt need tryphon (like)
puppet maybe need camptocamp (?) not sure what puppet does with passenger, mongrel
git probably need tryphon
Python need rcrowley want virtualenv, pip support
uwsgi need write own?

Links to review

Solutions to Common Issues

  err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass
  • http://projects.reductivelabs.com/issues/3101 actually a domain mismatch error (run ruby in debug mode)


  • Workstation
    • Debian
      • Ubuntu
      • Macbook
    • OSX
  • Mailing list server
    • Mailmain 3 (alpha 5 currently)
    • Postfix
    • Antispam measures
  • Issue tracker
    • Roundup
  • Mail server