20091002 CE

I finally made my online schedule since the term started, gave my first quiz of the term, returned student homework for the first time this term. I've got to make time to each and go to class.

Posted Fri Oct 2 19:25:13 2009

20091001 CE

I attended Electromagnetic, and I'm surprised how quickly a term goes, one week out of ten already done. I returned some books to the library, and picked up the latest Unshelved collection, and the 4th season of Dr Who. We'll see if I can figure out how to both use it as a reward for being productive, yet not watch it at inappropriate times, and yet return it on time. Maybe I should netflix these things. I contemplated through money at computer problems too, spending money is something I'm often unsure about.

Posted Fri Oct 2 19:24:23 2009

20090930 CE

Office hours after Vector Calculus never ended, I didn't end up being able to go to Mathematical Methods, I've got to make a schedule, and still to it. My third mentor session didn't go at all as well as the last two, even though I again tried to do it the same way. But even the online survey for University Studies didn't seem to go correctly. It's disappointing that I couldn't call for help because they don't have a phone. I'm not paid enough to buy a phone just to use twice a term for work, maybe I should get a SIP system I can use anywhere.

Posted Fri Oct 2 19:20:25 2009

20090929 CE

I attended Electromagnetic, but I was late because I hadn't looked up the room yet and the computers were wonky so I had to walk from NH to the Science Building, then all the way back to NH. I hope I didn't miss anything vital, I did attend the first day of Electromagnetic with the same instructor two years ago, so hopefully I'll be fine. I'm trying to get my bike usable, so first a bike lock, but I still need to figure out a rack and carrying containers.

Posted Fri Oct 2 19:14:41 2009

20090928 CE

First day of classes. I taught Vector Calculus, I attended Mathematical Methods, I attended American Studies (American Folklore), I led two mentor sessions for American Studies, the first went great, the second just didn't go as well even though a tried to do it exactly the same, some of the students just didn't know the point of the activities so maybe I didn't explain them as well.

Posted Fri Oct 2 18:51:24 2009

20090924 CE

Today I had mentor training again, but I brought leftovers from yesterday's stir fry and the previous alu gobi, and managed to eat some stir fry during the day, and some alu gobi when I finally got home at 8:30pm (thanks Nick). But there were some details in the middle, which is that I had good interactions with other fabulous mentors, and I finished printing copies of agendas and steering committee descriptions for the Coop Startup. I boarded the MAX and again it was going very very slow, so I got off at Holgate and moved fast (but no bike today) to the old location to put up a sign telling people to come to Reedway. Then I hustled down to Reedway as fast as I could. And I got there not long after 6:30, the starting time. The meeting finished on time, I got us through the entire agenda, we did the raffle, and we have a steering committee! That's awesome. Someone was nice to me today.

Posted Fri Sep 25 16:57:03 2009

20090923 CE

I had mentor training all day today again, the low point was when the guy in front of my didn't place the knife entirely level and so it fell on me and got his food all over my shoe, so I got to clean myself off in the bathroom instead of having breakfast at 12:30pm. But things could have been worse. The high point was that I got to meet my faculty partner. After mentor training I walked to City Hall, boarded the line 14 bus and got off on the Hawthorne bridge for a short walk to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), which was having OMSI after dark. Great stuff in the gift shop, but I didn't have photo ID with my birthday on it (I remembered the PSU ID today, but no passport), and I was planning to meet someone there, but sad for them, they weren't feeling well, so I took the line 14 bus to Fred Meyers and got some frozen vegetable, went home and finally had breakfast at 8:30pm, it was a long and super busy day.

Posted Fri Sep 25 16:46:03 2009

20090922 CE

Today I again had a full day of mentor training. I also left my wallet at home, which was unfortunate because it had my PSU identification, on which is my Trimet sticker, and they were doing fare inspection on the MAX. Luckily I wasn't deprived of any liberty because I'd brought my passport in case Best Buy wanted extra identification (see below). After that bout of fun, I went to Best Buy to return that laptop, and most of the used laptop I bought arrived, now I have to await the arrival of a low voltage laptop hard drive. It's annoying to not have a computer that works, but it's nice to note the progress towards a stable solution.

Posted Fri Sep 25 16:38:57 2009

20090921 CE

I got a short term loan from PSU today for $600, and I did mentor training all day, and the MAX ran late, so I went straight to Food Group meeting, and found that the building key doesn't work, and the building is still unuseable anyway.

Posted Fri Sep 25 16:34:06 2009

20090920 CE

Farmers Market again, and on the way back a man actually stopped smoking when I told him it was allowed (I did show him the sign at the MAX station) and afterwards Juniper helped me make Alu Gobi, and then Aspen invited me to a pirate festival over at the local park. Someone was kind to me today.

Posted Mon Sep 21 19:49:04 2009